Donna Blanchard on Hawaii Public Radio for AD UP Hawaii

Whatever a nonprofit does, it usually has to confront this idea: you’re a nonprofit and not a business. As any non-profit knows though, it still has to make money for the cause and for operations, and marketing is key. Next weekend, some of Hawaii’s top advertising professionals will gather for AD UP Hawaii, an 8 hour competition to come up with campaigns benefiting several local nonprofits, including Kumu Kahua Theatre. Managing director Donna Blanchard joined the show to discuss the event and marketing challenges for non-profits.

Evan Leong on MidWeek for AD UP Hawaii

This article was originally published by MidWeek.

Evan Leong

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Jaimie Kim


Two things are certain about Evan Leong: He likes business and he likes to give back.

After he and wife Kari quickly achieved success with the launch of Bubble Tea Supply in 2001, Leong, who appeared on MidWeek‘s June 1, 2007, cover, began looking for a way to marry business savvy with community involvement. It was in 2005 that he established Greater Good Radio, which eventually led to Greater Good TV and a book released in 2007. The popular shows featured interviews with successful business leaders, who shared their experiences in the field and the importance of community service.

“All of that was designed basically to encourage businesspeople to start giving back to the community and getting involved in leadership positions,” he says.

His newest project,, is an extension of Greater Good Inc., and seeks to unite individuals from various professions.
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